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Quality Control

quality control
We have adopted an approach that extends beyond ordinary statistical quality control techniques and quality improvement methods. It implies a complete overview and re-evaluation of the specification of a product, rather than just considering a more limited set of changeable features within an existing product. If the original specification does not reflect the correct quality requirements, quality cannot be inspected or manufactured into the product.

Our Quality Management refers to management methods used to enhance quality and productivity in business organizations. Quality Management is a comprehensive management approach that works horizontally across R.S.Pigments, involving all departments and employees and extending backward and forward to include both suppliers and clients or customers. TQM provides a framework for implementing effective quality and productivity initiatives that can increase the profitability and competitiveness of our organization and our customers as well.

Quality is free, provided it is done right, the very first time.-Bruce Mcintyre

Meeting the needs of our customers is the driving force behind our decisions. Quality and the continuous development of our ultramarine blue pigments, as well as close ties with our customers in terms of service and communication are the main priorities for everyone at R.S. Pigments.

To achieve this, we have divided our quality control process in two parts:-

Production & process control Lab

Our quality control process starts with clearly specifying our raw material requirements to our suppliers in advance. All the raw materials are tested in-house and once approved are sent for producing ultramarine blue pigment. We observe our ultramarine production process very keenly and regular samples are drawn at various stages of production. This helps us in determining the overall productivity and the quality of final products. This lab covers entire production process starting from preparation of raw mix for kilns to micronising & packing of finished ultramarine blue pigment.

Application and product Testing Lab

Every industry and each customer has some unique requirements. To fulfil the same, we have a team of highly technical people in R.S.Pigments, to provide our customers, with the most responsive technical expertise ie. ad-hoc studies, customers’ full testing service, technical support on our range of Ultramarine Blue pigments. We do extensive analysis of samples received and only then suggest the best solution from our range of Ultramarine Blue pigments.

Our main goal is to develop technical solutions to make our ultramarine pigments suitable for the demanding applications, for this reason, we invest 2.5% of our sales in R&D programs. Our investment policy in Research & Development , and our commitment to environmental issues allow us to feature high technology products and develop environmentally friendly processes and products.