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About us

Vision & commitment

Almost 100 years experience, Knowledge & Goodwill

We are part of a family owned business founded in 1920. Today, we are a diversified group dealing in high quality ultramarine blue pigment, sodium glass and silicate with major interest into laundry soap and detergents. Our group vision is to achieve leadership position in the market through constant innovation and development of processes and products. We are committed towards the growth of nation & our partners through integrity, honesty and dedication in all our endeavours.

We know how to make Pigments!

R.S. Pigments was founded in 2008; that implies we have been very quick in developing, producing and quality-controlling ultramarine pigments. Our production facility is spread over 500,000 sq. ft. and is still progressing. This facility currently has production capacity of more than 1000 tonnes yearly. We have developed and improvised our own process system for making world class ultramarine blue pigment. We have also established a full laboratory for in-house testing of raw material, process and finished ultramarine blue pigment. This has allowed us to find synergies in developing programs to optimize manufacturing processes and to develop innovative solutions which improve the performance of our ultramarine blue pigments.

Today, thanks to the development and extension of our product range and the efforts made by everyone involved in the running of our company, we provide a wide range of technical and specialized Ultramarine Blue pigments, which are ideal for applications in such diverse sectors as plastics, paints, cosmetics, inks, artists’ colors and many more.

We have a team of more than 5 technical people in our company to provide our customers with the most responsive technical expertise ie. ad-hoc studies, customers’ full testing service, technical support and technical treatment of complaints.

Meeting the needs of our customers is the driving force behind our decisions. Quality and the continuous development of our products and service, as well as close ties with our customers in terms of service and communication are the main priorities for everyone at R.S. Pigments.

Our main goal to customers is to develop technical solutions to make our ultramarine pigments suitable for their demanding applications, for that reason we invest 2.5% of our sales in R&D programs. Our investment policy in R&D, and our commitment to environmental issues allow us to feature high technology products and develop environmentally friendly processes and products.

Ultramarine Blue

Ultramarine Blue is an inorganic pigment whose color has been classified as Pigment Blue 29 /C.I.77007 by the Color Index System. Chemically it is sodium aluminum sulphosilicate. Ultramarine blue pigment is the synthetic form of a mineral called Lazurite.


Ultramarine Blue has got a clean and bright reddish blue shade. This makes Ultramarine Blue different from any other blue pigment of the market and due to this fact very attractive. In addition to this very specific reddish blue shade, Ultramarine Blue is an excellent white corrector that neutralizes yellowish shades. This whitening effect is widely appreciated in many fields of application e.g. Plastics, Coating, Paints, Rubber, Inks, Detergents, Paper etc.