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    Our Products

    Plastic Industry

    Our blue grades are perfectly sufficient for most plastics applications, there are some alterations that can be made to additionally improve their performance .Read More

    Rubber Industry

    Ultramarine Blue is used in rubber industries, tire industries, toys, shoes and footwear industries, wires etc as it has non-shrinking, non-warping properties, and maintain the dimensional stability of polyolefins and other polymer. Read More

    Ink Industry

    With properties such as low oil absorption and good light resistance it allows Ultramarine Blue to be used in different types of inks. Read More

    Paint Industry

    Ultramarine Blue is extensively used in a various paints like Water and Acrylic Paints, Oil Paints, Water-based Emulsion Paints etc. Read More

    Paper Industry

    Ultramarine Blue is widely used for the whitening of cellulose pulp and the coloring of the outside covering on colored and stucco papers. Read More

    Laundry & Textile Industry

    Ultramarine blue is the most commonly used laundry blue. Adding a hint of blue color to the off-white color of the fabrics makes them appear whiter. Read More

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    Our history, and the expertise of our people, sets us apart from other manufacturers. Our
    resources are not limited to above products we offer customized grades too.